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By embracing a holistic approach to nourishing yourself and your family, we empower the next generation to be adventurous eaters and live healthy lives.  Our focus is not just on your child, it also respects your experience as a parent. Joyful and confident feeding awaits!


Feeding the Whole Family, Simplified

Pleasing Picky Eaters – Navigating Allergies – Nutrition for Busy Families

My approach is deeply rooted in science, and crafted with common sense.
— Megan

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Let’s be real. Feeding your family does not have to be performance art, or take all day. You deserve simple solutions, and a well-nourished home.
— Megan

The most common complaints I hear from parents are:

  1. I don’t know what to feed my family, I’m in a serious rut.

  2. My kid is a picky eater, like...only beige.

  3. Getting on a consistent schedule around food is a struggle, I want some family meal time!

  4. Are they getting enough iron, are my kids growing ok?


I get it. It’s hard.


What you need is a strategy, designed specifically for your family, and your life.

Holistic & compassionate food strategy

The exact tools you need to create joy around food

A sustainable approach to nourishing your people


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